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Nepal – The Land of Himalayas Nepal is one of the most beautiful as well as amazing land within Asia View Details


Bhutan – The Land of Thunder Dragon Known to the locals as Duk Yul (Land of The Thunder Dragon), the View Details


Tibet – Roof of the world For centuries, Tibet has fascinated the mankind. This land beyond the mighty Himalayas on the View Details


India - Incredible Land The most colorful land on the earth, India, is unique in itself. It is rich in exotic View Details

Trustworthy company

Himal Excursion Pvt. Ltd is a government registered travel and trekking agency Located in Kingsway (DurbarMarg) Kathmandu, Nepal. We are a young, dyn....

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I am Tino from Lollan, Denmark. It was my first visit to Nepal and am super excited to feel the View Details

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  • "Travelling To Nepal"
    Travelling to Nepal it´s like travelling to another world. Literally. Everything looks so different, like it was the reverse of...
    Carolina Jiménez
    Bogotá, Colombia

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