Bardiya Wildlife Safari

Bardiya national park is one of the largest and least explored Parks in Nepal. The Bardiya National Park, located in the mind-far western region thickly forested by Shore Robusta and 968 square km away from Kathmandu. An area of 327 square km covered by park and declared a buffer zone in 1997. The Bardiya National park provides the vital information of wildlife including reptiles and birds for researchers. The park is habitat for several wildlife, including blue bulls, deer, wild bears, the monkey, civets, hyenas, jackal, tiger, rhinoceros, wild elephant and many others. Rare and endangered reptile such as crocodile, gharial, snakes, and dolphin can be easily found in the area. It’s a stunning place that seems a very long way from the 21st century-watching the sunrise over the forest from the back of an elephant. It is believed that the largest male elephant in Asia is in this park. Sightseeing in Bardiya National Park witness marvelous views of wildlife for life time. During the exploration of Bardiya National Park, it offers a chance to learn local Tharu villager’s life style and village, longest river Karnali and crocodile breeding center so far. Wildlife tour in the Park unfolds unlimited fun, adventure and excitement and pleasure.


Day 01: Drive from Kathmandu/Pokhara to Bardiya.
Day 02: Walking Safari in Bardiya National Park.
Day 03: Wildlife Safari.
Day 04: Bird watching. Afternoon departure from Bardiya.


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