Marshyangdi River


Marsyangdi River is considered as one of the best class 4 kayaking rivers in the world. Marsyangdi River can also be described as one of the best white river runs in the world. This route was recently opened (1996) for commercial rafting in Nepal. It can also be termed as the next generation of river, steep and with a much more continuous stretch of rapids. It is also suitable for people who seek adventure rafting trip with challenging rapids from ClassIV to Class V, the river trip is exhilarating and the astounding views of this an outstanding trip. Another plus point for this trip is that the river is surrounded by the beautiful view of some of the highest mountains. These beautiful sceneries make the tour even more exciting and interesting. The excursion on the Marsyangdi also includes a day’s trek and the entire trip is four days of continuous adventure walking through the villages, mingling with local people and riding a succession of rapids down the river. Marsyangdi might not be as extreme as Tamakoshi but the river demands full commitment from both crew and guide and it’s totally different from other big volume rivers as the rapids are technical and requires a different approach. It’s also one of the fastest flowing rivers in Nepal and requires faster reaction from the crew. It requires good teamwork and coordination. It’s usually recommended that you gain other rafting experience before Marsyangdi, other than that it will be the once in a lifetime experience full of thrill and excitement. This trip is usually done in 4 days and can be extended and reduced according to customer’s preference.


Day 01: leaving Kathmandu in the early morning, It’s a long way drive of 8hours to Khudi. Sorry to say, but this day not any chance to meet river for rafting but the trek is enjoyable with beautiful views and typical Nepalese village during the way. At khudi, all the gear is unloaded and after a short hike follows. Once reaching at Bhulbhule camp is set up at one of the vantage points from where mesmerizing and stunning views of the Himalaya can be seen even view of the sunset is surprising.

Day 02: Day start with a very short trek to the put in point, Nagdi. Expedition leader and guides will provide information and training on land about safety and paddling. River trips actually start after lunch. Marshyangdi is full of thrill and spills and any keen rafter will vouch for it. An adventure begins with good and gradually appears thrilling rapids one after another. The river is unforgiving, any mistake has to be paid for by a knock down. First day of rafting will end at the point of Khudi where the camp is set up. Served dinner and discussion hour about the experience.

Day 03: After breakfast and short trek, it’s time for accepting rapids and to explore more in Marshayangdi. The area is covered by Lush Green Jungle and boat crashes through canyons. Continuous till 4 hours of fun in the rapids and canyons, it is time to stop for lunch and break. After lunch rushing Marshyangdi trip goes on with more excitement and give a real pleasure of rafting. Raching up to Dam of Middle Marsyangdi Hydro Damm, it’s all about time to have a rest with dinner.


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