Rafting Sunkoshi


The Sunkoshi is clean and blue and the river is known for beautiful scenery. Sunkoshi, the “River of Gold” originates near Sisha Pangma, in Tibet and cuts through the Mahabarat range and flows through beautiful valleys on its way to the Ganges in India. Sunknoshi is rated as one of the ten best high water river expeditions. Along the river are beautiful white sandy beaches for camping and further down, thick vegetation has ensured a rich wildlife, flora and fauna including rare species of birds. Expeditions on this Sunkoshi River consist of 270km through some of Nepal’s remote regions offering a unique wilderness experience. After a short hour’s drive from Kathmandu reached at Dolalghat, the put in point. First two days are easy and encountered with class II and Class III rapids. After three days bigger rapids arrive and have to follow the proper guideline of the guide. The rapids have names like Meat Griner, High Anxiety, Jaws and Big Dipper. Here the most adventurous action begins from Dolal Ghat for 9days.


Day 01: after breakfast leaves Kathmandu to face the real challenges in water to be at Dolalghat, which is put in point. After brief descriptions and guidelines the trip begins. The river looks deceitfully peaceful and lazy and soon local villagers are encountered. Overnight Khooyeh Bhir will be base camp. Served dinner and exploration around.

Day 02: Second day starts with the straight path to choose. After a while, soon Tamakoshi (River of Copper) will appear and encountered with Sunkoshi. After lunch, stop its more about to explore the unique views of stunning landscapes, multi ethnic groups. Khalte Chayenpur is the camp site place for this night. Camp fire and dinner will be the last moment of the day, enjoy!

Day 03: Trips begin here and gradually rapids on the river make a great surprise. Full of adventure and thrilling experience again meets with Likhu Khola. Local villagers will enjoy and bless during our trip and it’s a most amazing moment to fall till last breathe. Camp set up in Likhu Khola and time for camp fire and dinner.

Day 04: Slowly this day shows us the narrow gorge, thick vegetation and numbers of small to medium sized rapid encounter one after another. The white water gets more exciting and the day will end after reaching Harkapur. Short walks around local places and for local tea to make a day different, even a chance to face the local lifestyle. Campfire, dinner and relax at the beach.

Day 05: Great rapid will be encountered and full of excitement come to the  next during the day. Full of challenges on the team faces goes through. Floating downstream, the confluence of the Sunkoshi and Dudhkoshi encountered. Going with tough rapid and small size rapid at Rashuwa Ghat its time to set up next time. No worries campfire and dinner will be served.

Day 06: Today, a very hard day to face all those grade 4 rapids. Beginning with small but soon hit with big size rapids encounter next to us. Until reaching “Jungle Corridor” continuous playing with white water peacely. At the beginning of Jungle Corridor, it’s time to halt for this night and set up camp.

Day 07: White water follows through a narrow opening which is thickly forested. An opportunity comes next for shower under some waterfalls, highlighting with new experience. Tonight camp will setup below the land of waterfall which drop from a height of four hundred feet. This site is known as the Big Dipper and will serve dinner and campfire.

Day 08: Looking forward for next ultimate water excursion and faced with several rapids. Rapid is a series of standing waves with holes that can be creating quite a bit of trouble. Floating after few kilometers later on the Arun and Tamur encounter and form the “SaptaKoshi” with high power. Continue playing with river show the fascinating views of hills and appear a Flat Terai. Tribeni is a place to set up camp and for a night.

Day 09: Almost, it’s a final day to end a classic and memorable river journey. Early in the morning visiting most popular famous  Hindu temple at Barah Chhetra below Tribenighat, this is meeting place of three rivers. On the full moon of January brings thousands of Hindus who come to worship at the temple. Finally river expedition ends here and will be a remembered as a perfect day passed together with Seto Himal Excursion Pvt. Ltd. Loading all those gears and equipment back drive to Kathmandu or to another desired destination.


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