Faith Healers (Shamans)


In the hilly villages of Nepal, one often encounters the Shamans. Typically attired in white long robes (Jama) and small View Details

Top 10 Trekking Trails in Nepal

Blog 10 famous Trek in Nepal

The whole world knows that Nepal is closely associated with trekking and climbing including various adventure activities. Nepal is bounded View Details

Interesting Facts of Nepal

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Nepal a small landlocked country on the lap of Himalaya. Nepal is regarded as a finest touristic destination and offers View Details

10 Place You Shouldn’t Miss in Nepal

10 Place You Should Visit in Nepal

The Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal is a small, landlocked sovereign country located in the Himalayas, lies in South Asia, View Details

Holy Sites & Pilgrimage Destinations

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Nepal is a secular country. However, Hinduism is the main religion of the Nepalese people. The trinity of Hinduism- Bhrama, View Details

The Dhaulagiri Circuit

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This strenuous three-week trek commences from Pokhara and makes a circuit of the Dhaulagiri massif. Nominally a restricted route, some View Details

Safe Trekking in Nepal

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The main precaution that needs to be taken while trekking is not to go up too high too fast. Acute View Details

Short info of Nepalese Cuisine

Nepali Dish

Cooked rice (bhat) or a thick paste of maize of millet powder called dhido, with some dal, or lentil soup, any View Details

Trekking & Climbing Seasons in Himalaya

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In monsoon areas the two best seasons for trekking and climbing are the spring pre-monsoon (March, April & May) and View Details

Glorious history of Himalaya

Blog Glorious history of Himalay

Several locals and climbers lost their lives during the exploration period of the Himalaya within a 100 year and that View Details