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Beginning of commercial Trekking in Nepal

Blog Begning of Coomercial Trek in Nepal

The first professional trekking company, Mountain Travel was begun in 1964, by Colonel Jimmy Roberts, a leading British mountaineer and a Himalayan expert of the 1950s and 1960s. He had joined the then British Indian Army in 1936 with the ambition of spending a lifetime mountaineering and exploring in the Himalaya. He was able to combine his army career with this personal goal by spending his two or three months of leave not ‘poodle-faking’ (as lying around on houseboats was known) but on hunting or climbing trips. For a member of years he also served in a Gurkha regiment at Dharmasala within striking distance of the Pir Panjal Range Himachal Pradesh. World War II circumvented Robert’s desire to be a part of early attempts on Everest, but he did participate  in a number of other notable pioneering expeditions.

In 1958 Jimmy Roberts was appointed as the first military attache of the British Embassy in Kathmandu, Nepal. After retiring from the army in the early of the 1960s, he became completely embroiled in Himalayan mountain exploration. In 1963 he took charge of transportation for the highly successful American Everest Expedition, which made the first traverse of the mountain. Following on from this experience, Roberts decided to set up his own business providing the same sort of logistical support to adventurous tourists as he had given to expeditions. He was well-equipped with detailed knowledge of the country, the people and their language, but most importantly, he also had the ear of senior government officials.

Jimmy Roberts acknowledges that he borrowed the scheme of providing tents, camping gear and organizing porters for an agreed daily sum from local agents, who provided a similar but limited service on his earlier hunting forays in Kashmir. In those days the agents’ methods were old- fashioned and the gear heavy and antiquated. This style was developed for the British Raj. They used china cups and plates, sheets and blankets, army tents and camp costs. As well as using modern lightweight tents, sleeping bags, cane chairs and plywood table tops, he offered the services of trained and experienced guides who could take charge of trekking parties.

The very first commercial Everest trek in the spring of 1965 was comprised of three American matrons whom Roberts later commended; ‘A more sporting trio of enthusiastic and appreciative ladies I have never since handled.’ In 1967 Leo Le Bon, the manager of Thomas Cook in San Francisco, brought several American parties to trek with Jimmy Roberts’s Mountain Travel Company. As a result, late is 1968 he founded Mountain Travel USA with mountaineers Barry Bishop and Allan Steck. In 1967 Australia’s Warwick Deacock also became associated with Jimmy Roberts. The pair had been mountaineering companions in the army and through his company, Ausventure, Deacock began spending and often accompanying groups that were looked after while in Nepal by Moutanin Travel.

Trekking and Mountain Travel grew quickly and within 5 years other agents had begun to set up in competition. However, Roberts was able to establish very high standards from the outset because of his well-trained and loyal Sherpa staff whom he held in very high regard. In the present situation here, we have numerous agents to provide the several adventurous activities in the Himalayan Region. Due to the vast improvement of technology, and rising up of the economic growth people are more interested in traveling behavior in increasing numbers. Let’s show the our world with a smile, service in a responsible way to protect natural and cultural heritage in a professional manner.

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