We are focused on about 40 children currently with PACT and aim to do much more in the future. These are some of the social initiatives that we have taken

Orphan and helpless academy

From this year Sahara club is going to start an academy named Orphan and helpless Academy. In here .We protect the orphans and helpless children .Especially the aim of this academy is to produce the capable football player in Pokhara .So, this club has made a separate building for those children.


Annually, we organize football tournament at Pokhara stadium, which includes international level games. This year it is going to held in between 9Jan-22Jan.2004. After the establishment of this club it has successfully completed three games, these are:
*Caravan gold cup2001 *Aaha gold cup 1st 2002 *Aaha gold cup 2nd 2003

Educational programme

In such sector, we separate annually Rs.50, 000. This year we provide Rs.50, 000 to one primary school, which lies, beside our club named Sahara child primary school. Beside this, this club has done high school level essay competition that was held in the great festival of Nepali (Vijay Dashami).

Public Toilet

At the mouth place of Pokhara Bus Park this club has made a public toilet to keep city clean. The money collected from this toilet has become the source to run administration of this club Sahara. Public Health center. In past, it started with one public health center, but unfortunately the program cannot get continuously. The reason lack of laboratory equipment and financial commitment but still hoping to continue same program in future.


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