India - Incredible Land

The most colorful land on the earth, India, is unique in itself. It is rich in exotic land of chivalry, color, valiance, invincible forts, palaces, sand dunes, snow clad peaks, serene lakes, rivers, vibrant beaches, backwaters and many more. Moreover, India represents diversity in people; culture, costumes, music and dances. There are innumerable temples, mosques, churches and Gurudwaras (a kind of temple) in every state which are the unique example of art and architecture. No doubt, it is a land of rich culture and heritage. There are different types of culture, dances, music and languages in every state. The unique and unmatched example of art and painting, miniature painting can be seen in the monuments, temples, palaces and architectural buildings of India.

Ample of sanctuaries, national parks and protected areas provide shelter for different kinds of flora and fauna. The migrated and native species of animals, reptiles, birds can be seen in these national parks. Similarly, India is also famous all over the world for its handicrafts and jeweler designing. So, one conscious citizen must come and experience the magic of India with Seto Himal Excursion.



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