We would like to request you to pack your luggage as lightly as possible. The main things you need during your travel are a down sleeping pad, down jacket, day packs bag (30-40L), duffle bag, trekking clothes, thermal base layers, trekking boots, fleece layers, hats and gloves, sunglasses and first aid kit with personal medication.
Please use this list as a guideline. Adjustments to the list can be done according to your personal needs and interest.

• Sun hat/cap
• Sunglasses with UV protection

Upper Body
• T-shirts
• Light and expedition weight thermal tops
• Fleece jacket 
• Fleece Wind-Stopper jacket (optional)
• Waterproof jacket
• Down jacket

Lower Body
• Under Garments including trousers
• Lightweight cotton long pants
• Fleece or wool pants (seasonal)
• Waterproof pants

• Lightweight gloves, wool or fleeced

• Thin inner socks
• Thick, warm wool hiking socks
• Hiking shoes with spare laces
• Running shoes/ casual shoes or sandals for the evening (Depend on your purpose of visit)

• Down Sleeping bag rated to zero DC *
• Torch or headlamp with spare bulbs and batteries
• Trekking Bags/Duffel bag *
• Day pack bag (30-40L)
• Trekking Poles/ sticks
• Refillable water bottle - Min 1 Litter
• Gasoline and Stove (Optional)

Personal Hygiene
• Lightweight towel
• Tissue /toilet roll
• Antibacterial hand wash
• Toothbrush/paste (preferably biodegradable)
• Multipurpose soap (preferably biodegradable)
• Deodorants
• Razor/Blade
• Nail clippers
• Prescription drugs if you may be taking daily
• Face and body moisturizer
• Sunscreen and lip balm
• Small mirror
• Wet wipes

• Camera & Binoculars
• Cell Phone/music stuffs and its charger

• Reading/writing material
• Protein bars, chocolate, dried fruits, candies and snack foods.
• Umbrella especially in summer (May to September)

• An asterisk (*) is also provided by Seto Himal Excursion Pvt Ltd. During the service, but if you want to use your own private piece, we encourage you to bring it by you.
• If any equipment is not available in your place, you can easily buy them in trekking shops in Kathmandu, Nepal before going trekking.