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First Nepal Visit – by Tino

Indra Chowk,century old market in Kathmandu.

I am Tino from Lollan, Denmark. It was my first visit to Nepal and am super excited to feel the difference between my home country and Nepal as I found on several articles. My flight from Copenhagen to Kathmandu was very much relaxing. Finally, landed in Nepal, collected my luggage and met my friend Raju (Founder and Executive Director of Seto Himal Excursion Pvt.Ltd), who was waiting for me outside of Kathmandu Airport along with his car. We headed towards my booked Hotel in Thamel. During the period of 45 minutes drive to Hotel, I saw the traffic, freaky people walking in the street, cow and dogs in the middle of busy roads and really it was an amazing experience for me. We reached in Hotel and we (Razu and Me) promised we will meet during the 3 pm for short visit around Kathmandu Durabr Square.

Kathmandu Durbar Square is one of the best composite site Listed in UNESCO World Heritage in the middle of Kathmandu Valley. This remarkable square is a vast fountain of today’s Nepal, where Nepalese History was created a long time ago. With reference to the historical paper, this square was developed in the early of 14th century and added some of the monuments and completed in 16th century by Malla Dynasty. A lot of historical tales, century old temples, Royal Palace, narrow chowk (Junction), 9 storey Palace, temple of Taleju, Museum, Kasthamandap, Maru Ganesh, The Living Goddess”Kumari” are the major high lights of this square. After concluding a 2 hrs visit, we went for a coffee near by square and place is known as “Freak Street”. After half an hour we started to walk towards Thamel throughout Indra Chowk. Indra Chowk is a local market and dated to be as old as a history of Kathmandu Valley. This market was really impressive to me and here is the reason for it;

  • Reflection of Vibrant Culture
  • Century old Market
  • Most Crowded market in the country

Finally, we entered inside of Thamel. Thamel is a popular for all age international people visiting to Nepal. This is the major place that offers several international luxuries hotels to cheap hostels, international cuisine restaurants, karaoke bar, club and many more. My friend Razu took me to one of the finest Nepali Restaurant and I swear, it was my first time to give a try for Nepali Dish “Daal Bhaat (Rice & Lintel). Wow, this was a nice food but a little specie style any way I liked it. After dinner together, we went for a beer and Razu told me about safety and awareness during my stay in this beautiful Himalayan Land. Finally, my first day was finished and went to hotel for a good sleep. I was dreaming for upcoming days in Nepal.

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