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Nepalese customs and ornaments are unique and varied in their own ways. Ethnic groups and indigenous people have their own typical attire for men and women. The ethnic dresses and ornaments of Nepal represent a myriad collection or rich cultural diversity. Dress and ornaments differ significantly with climate and regions – as in the high mountains and the lowlands of the Terai, as well as in the eastern, central and western regions where different ethnic groups dwell. Normally, Nepalese men wear a long shirt, or daura, and trouser, or suruwal, while womenfolk wear blouse, or cholo and sari. This female attire exudes frace and beauty. Nepalese women invariably wear some ornaments on their ears, nose or neck. Gold and Silver ornaments are worn by Nepalese women according to their economic status. Most married Nepalese women prefer to wear a long necklace of red beads called potey with or without gold decoration on their necks and put red sindoor on their heads in between the central position of the hair. Married women wear glass bangles generally of red color on their wrists. Potey (bed necklace), red/green bangles and sindoor are the typical signs of married woman. Hindu tradition forbids widows of this luxury.

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