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Short info of Nepalese Cuisine

Nepali Dish

Cooked rice (bhat) or a thick paste of maize of millet powder called dhido, with some dal, or lentil soup, any vegetable curry and hot pickle from the daily staple Nepalese cuisine. People in the Terai eat roti, a round pancake-like bread made of wheat flour, with curry and pickles. During feasts, people make preparations of meat, varieties of curries and sweets. Nepalese cuisine is usually spicy and hot. Momo, a small round wheat ball stuffed with meat, is the most popular snack among the natives and foreigners. It is eaten along with some hot and sour pickle. Mom and chhoyela, or small pieces of meat steamed or barbecued and mixed with a hot paste of garlic and other spices, are gaining popularity among foreigners. Food dishes of Nepal have their own unique taste and typical flavor and are a gourmet’s delight. Nepalese normally eat food with the hand while seated cross-legged on the floor, usually upon a thick flat wooden board, though this practice has largely given way to the dining table and chair in urban areas.

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