Seto Himal

Seto Himal

Finally, today is a very great day to our agency and we are proud to launch a very new and improved Travel website. We had done research about a year and the suggestion from our valuable clients help us to manage and redesign for a new website that looks pretty, simple, responsive and user friendly. Also site is developed with full information regarding travelers’ interest. 

Well, site is pretty good looking, with simple color selection and one can search easily for their desired destinations and product. We had shown all the trip facts, gallery, correct information, well written content, detailed itinerary of trips and the brief information of our agency in a very new format.

We are aware of customer choice which might be different from person to person and we are trying our best to publish all those media information such as video and high quality pictures. Over on the guide, we’ve been dabbling with immersive video, cult flash browser games, a Vimeo slideshow and scrolling gallery formats – you can read all about these experiments here. On the other hand, we designed the unique map to offer real elevation of the trips and we are sure that will provide vital information and that will be very helpful before you depart for your trips.

We are adopting technology, presence in several social media for the real solution of customers wondering to visit the Himalaya by providing all those queries. Every month we will be making further changes: fresh and very informative content, fresh pictures and of course trip reviews from our valued clients.

Finally, we would like to thank especially for Genius Desgin ( for creating a wonderful site in a creative manner. Thanks to Daneil, Boris and Gabi for editing content, Jan and Rabin for providing a great help, support and all those motivation. And thanks to all those clients, friends and our staff for all the valuable suggestion, information and support to uplift our agency at this level. A great wishes for our Business Representative from all over the globe to have a successful business.


Seto Himal Excursion Pvt. Ltd.

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